Please consider Frank Pitkin Ltd as your first point of contact to advise on your requirements of ‘excavator mounted’ Work Tool Attachments such as Cutting Units, Rotary Cutters, Rockwheels, Planners, Impact Hammers, Load Safety Indicators and Tunnel Roadheaders
A photo of a digger cutting a trench into the earth.


Working closely with excavator attachment Manufacturers to open new markets for Work Tools through Distributor & Dealer networks expanding their sales in Europe, Middle East & Africa.

Specialising in a range of Excavator mounted work tools including: Hammers; Cutting Units; Planers; RockWheels; also Tunnelling Roadheaders and Load Safety Indicators for a whole range of construction equipment.

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Practical hands-on experience to help dealers & their customers to mix and match the use of hydraulic transverse Cutting Units (also known as Rotary Cutters; Rock Wheels, TCU`s)

Introduce new hydraulic work tool attachments for such sectors as Excavators, Backhoes & Skid-steers and Tunnel Roadhears taking the project from prototypes to established sales through the international distribution channels.